Friday Sept 11 2020

Join the Illumination and Illumination Mac Guff recruitment teams to say BELLO, talk about Illumination, and answer any questions! Zoom Passcode: 050738

Ever wonder how all those cool colors are created on mini bronze sculptures? Nope, it’s not paint! See the magic that happens when you combine heat, chemicals and bronze in this quick 30 minute start to finish demo on the Poole’s newest, never before seen Warthog skulls. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase demo pieces at special LBX pricing. Real time Q&A via chat feed.

Paper Sculptor Megan Brain shows us her step-by-step process for hand crafting beautiful light boxes for the latest Baobab Studios project, Baba Yaga, and how she handles mass-production at home.

Four illustrators at different stages in their career (already fully independent or transitioning from client work) share their stories and give advice on how to turn personal art into a business. They chat about the process and challenges of creating personal work vs. doing freelance work, building an audience and community, monetizing art, creating different revenue streams, making the transition from freelance work, as well as staying motivated on on track throughout the entire process.

Design Studio Press announces their new releases for Fall 2020! Get a sneak preview of the upcoming books by some of the best concept artists and designers in the entertainment industry.

I’ll be doing a demo starting from the sketch phase and will show my process of choosing the color scheme to the final finished mini gouache painting.

Just like athletes, artists need to workout to keep up their skills. Get ready to tone your artistic skills as you paint along with Wouter Tulp. The full course is 9-weeks long and available at Schoolism.

Join Co-Executive Producer, Miguel Puga and writer, Rosemary Contreras, for coffee and conversation about their hit show, The Casagrandes. Moderated by Production Manager, Magdiela Duhamel.

2 All-star artists, 2 great friends and 2 Art Directors: Nick Hiatt (Star Wars) and Patrick O’Keefe (Into the Spiderverse) go behind the scenes of their most recent projects and talk about building community within the art world. We’ll also get a sneak peek at one of their famous Bob Ross impersonations 🙂

Last of Us Part II concept artist Danar Worya, the artist who’s also behind the cover image for the KB3D Dark Fantasy kit, performs a live set building a world in Blender using the Aftermath kit, Highways and Tanks from KitBash3d.

Stan Prokopenko is the founder of and has over 2 million YouTube subscribers that watch his drawing lessons. In this livestream, he takes you through the process of constructing and rendering the human figure with a focus on anatomical accuracy and dynamic design. You’ll learn about the process of learning anatomy and get to ask him questions live.

Please use Wendy’s Calendly for commission slots booking! The stream will be held on Instagram.

I’m going to draw weird stuff. Reveal secrets. Probably mess up. Have fun. I will tell you what pen I use.

Join Meybis in a live demo, where she’ll share her approach to create digital portraits, using a flexible and versatile render workflow.

In this event, Ahmed will be sketching and designing a D&D-style character where the audience gets to vote for attributes – the character’s themes, functions, and physical appearances. It’ll be fun!

Ever wonder how all those cool colors are created on mini bronze sculptures? Nope, it’s not paint! See the magic that happens when you combine heat, chemicals and bronze in this quick 30 minute start to finish demo on the Poole’s newest, never before seen Mink skulls. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase demo pieces at special LBE pricing. Real time Q&A via chat feed.

Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: #N5Sb6jr

Hear firsthand how a variety of Animators, Concept Artists, and 3D Artists got into the industry and their experiences at Maxis. This event to be moderated by The Sims 4 Animation Director, Lacey Bannister. Zoom Passcode: 475261


Vajra Pancharia HEAVYPAINT demo, showing how you can use the app for quick color notes and digital plein air painting!

KitBash3D’s GameDay stage at LightBox Expo is jam packed with three days of industry all-star artists from movies and video games like Avatar, Halo, Star Wars, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part II, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and so much more! Legendary Artists like David Levy, Karla Ortiz, Sparth, Loish, Beeple, Jama Jurabaev and many more will grace the stage over a weekend filled with live world building, tag team demos, career development interviews, giveaways, an interactive chat, and a new contest all brought right to your home in real time! The event will stream Sept 11-13th from 10-2 pm PST daily. Don’t miss it!

Learn about what type of artwork makes up a visual development portfolio, as well as a painting demo to discuss composition, color, lighting, and storytelling.

This presentation is an invitation to participate in a live watercolor demonstration with master artist Gonzalo Carcamo!


I love the atmosphere at conventions and being able to walk up to an artist, say hello, and build a relationship, so I’ll be doing a very interactive livestream for a couple of hours and making some artwork while on it. Stop by and tell me about some of the presentations you’re most excited to see at LBX this year. I’m excited to meet you!

Listen to Directors from Disney Television Animation discuss challenges and strategies for finding your directing voice, followed by a Q&A. Moderated by Monica Ray (Supervising Director, Big City Greens), panelists include Amelia Lorenz (Director, The Owl House), Bosook Coburn (Director, The Owl House), Bridget Underwood (Director, The Owl House), Latoya Raveneau (Director, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder) and Tara Whitaker (Director, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder). Zoom Passcode: 736141


Just like athletes, artists need to workout to keep up their skills. Get ready to tone your artistic skills as you paint along with Wouter Tulp. The full course is 9-weeks long and available at Schoolism.

Watch as master animator & character design Aaron Blaise (The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty & the Beast) shares his approach to design believable and lovable animal characters!

30-year animation vets and long time animation podcasting twin brothers Tom and Tony Bancroft (Kronk, Mushu, Pumbaa, Simba, Pocahontas, others) discuss with a panel of animation vets like Tomm Moore (Cartoon Saloon- The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers, etc.) and newer players like Tracy Butler (Lackadaisy Kickstarter) what happened to 2D/ Traditional animation in the 2000s and where it lives, and thrives, today. Zoom Passcode: 796486


Join Norm as he gives feedback and advice to aspiring (or current) story artists. All about helping artists be clear and entertaining all at once.


Have you ever wanted to paint expressively and ‘loosely?’ Have you ever wanted to place a stroke and just leave it there? In this lesson Jon will show and discuss how to paint efficiently without ‘over rendering.’ Follow along as he completes an ‘alla prima-style portrait.

Join Andrea Blasich inside his studio as he shows you how he approaches a character in clay.

Join DJ Welch on his channel Animators vs Games as he talks with mega-talented artists Armand Baltazar and Karla Ortiz. They tell stories of the entertainment industry, how they met/worked together, how you can get in, and the ways the industry has evolved over the years. Also, they goof a lot.

Renowned illustrators and character designers Iris Compiet (Magic The Gathering) and Pauline Voss (Marvel Studios and Riot Games) will showcase different tips and tricks for character creation as well as the highs and lows of the creative process.

Unite with visual storytellers and see what we have planned over the weekend. Bring your story questions! 60 minutes with Q&A.

Sketching a character from scratch can be difficult, but Josh will go through his entire process during this livestream! Using the free downloadable brushes, you can follow along with the same reference! The focus will be on gesture and shapes, in order to avoid creating a boring copy of the image.

Let’s Build a Goblin Character with ZBrush2021

Documentary on the illustrators of local#800. Take a look as ADG concept artist Matt Cunningham interviews some of the top illustrators currently working in live action film and television.

Stephen Silver character designer of Disney’s Kim Possible and Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom will share with you his techniques for bringing more life, energy, variety and push to your characters gesture and poses. Zoom Passcode: 155714


Learn about the stream, the RAT, ways to engage with the team, and a bit about each animator in our group introduction!

Join Esteban Bravo and Steph Waldo as they share their journeys from school to studio and discuss their first feature film assignment after graduating from Blue Sky’s trainee program to Jr. Story Artists. Esteban and Steph share samples of the portfolios that landed them in Blue Sky’s Trainee Program, and examples of their assignments on Spies in Disguise. Prepare yourself (and your own questions!) for a fun and open discussion!


Ever wonder what catches a Netflix Animation’s story recruiter’s eye? Is it the art, or is it the emotional journey your storyboard panels take that recruiter on? Join members of Netflix Animation’s recruiting team to hear answers to these questions and many more!

A 5-question Q&A session as we ask each other the questions we’ve always wanted to ask.

Have your portfolio personally critiqued in a relaxed and informal class-room-style environment. We’ll go over painting and professional presentation issues and answer all the questions we can along the way! Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: x@69j^Hu

Thomas Fluharty and Wouter Tulp will draw and paint traditionally from the same photo reference and meanwhile discuss their process. Thomas and Wouter will be in the chatroom to answer questions from the audience!

Gnomon will be hosting a live drawing session with Cassey Kuo, Marie-Alice Harel, Jama Jurabaev, Grey Chen, Brian Kesinger, Andre Blasich, Andy Cung, David DePasquale, Jason Chan, Prem Sai, Manuel Carrasco, Terryl Whitlatch, and Miranda Zimmerman, and answering questions from the audience!

Want to give your art a glow-up? Join illustrator Anna Daviscourt as she uses light to add magic and ambiance to her digital painting in Adobe Fresco.

Come chat with our Recruiters in this open forum to learn more about what our Recruiters look for, what a day in the life is like, and answer (almost) anything on your mind!


From Starcraft to Avatar and now directing his own projects, Jon Berube joins us for our first living legends interview to share his insights from a career creative directing and directing some of the biggest titles of the last decade.

A semi informal demonstration and presentation, where Sam will show the process of design he uses for objects and environments. He will teach some amazing insider techniques and principles he’s learned in his last couple of decades working as a concept artist and character designer for games and film.

Great design is about making conscious choices. In this class, Ben will share 33 drawing tips he’s learned over his career to help your choices be intended and not accidental. The tips are gonna be coming fast and furious and are all short and to the point. They are designed to give you rules so that you can fearlessly choose whether or not to break them. Zoom Passcode: 428782


Halo Infinite Senior Concept Artist Ben Mauro will create a level within the devastated world of his new hit graphic novel Huxley. Using Unreal Engine 4 and the Wasteland kit Mauro will showcase some of his environment designing skills that have helped him across his celebrated career.

Directors and Artists at WildBrain Studios talk about how to navigate the animation industry and stories from our own journeys.

Vaughan Ling HEAVYPAINT demo, showing how you can use the app for quick color notes and digital plein air painting!

A live session where Gus Lima (Mad Boogie Creations) creates an original character from scratch for one of our original stories and talks about design, expressiveness and personality.

Tune in for a casual chat with the Valorant team. Animators discuss the process for creating compelling and unique characters in Riot’s new tactical shooter while answering questions from the chat. Great for aspiring artists, developers, and players alike!

A panel of top creators from the fields of Concept Art, Fantasy and Imaginative Realism chitchat about ideas and strategies to help you creatively adapt, navigate and excel in a changing art world. From working as ‘hired hands’ to getting your personal work out there, this free form discussion will cover a variety of topics and of course touch on the inevitable foibles, challenges and inspirations that are a part of the creative life. Applies to all mediums.

The Sims 4 animations are created to support extremely diverse range of characters. We will look into aesthetic and tech side of The Sims 4 Animation Production to understand how we achieved it. The Presentation will be followed by a live Q&A with an animation director Lacey Bannister and the presenter Yusun Chung. Zoom Passcode: 648698


LatinX in Animation will lead a discussion with Film Festival directors and founders. Touching on film festival submission expectations, the scope of and function of festivals as whole, and the future of these organizations as they provide a platform for both new and veteran filmmakers.

Join us for a conversation with Director, Steve Hunter and Producer, Max Sachar as they give a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Pixar’s latest SparkShort: Out, now streaming on Disney+. Zoom Passcode: 020316


Come watch Masae do an ink painting demo of a cat creature inspired by her own kitties! She will discuss her process and tools while answering any questions on Instagram.

Live stream demo, followed by a Q&A.

Join David Levy for a live speedpainting and technical demo explaining his process. David will demonstrate what was learned over years of work and practice including custom brushes, custom shapes, accident paintings and more.

Portfolio review based only on the characters (one-to-one) on Instagram Live.

From Horizon Zero Dawn to a countless volume collection of personal artwork books – Lois Van Baarle, known online and throughout the art world as Loish, will be joining us to share insights about how she crafted her celebrated career over the last decade!

A discussion of how to build a brand from the ground up, selling at conventions / online shop / galleries, and marketing for your brand.

A conversation with POC creators on how they got started with their art, where they are now, and how they are changing the art world by telling their own stories.

Join artistic recruiter Matt Roberts to hear about tips, tricks and examples for creating your visual development portfolios.


Armand will perform a live oil painting demo, and the finished piece will be available for purchase.

Sometimes we feel like we’ve lost control of our creativity. We may feel like we’ve run out of ideas, we feel stuck, we feel frustrated. In this panel, I (Danielle Pioli) will teach you a very powerful tool that will give your power over your own creativity back. Heal it, own it. (PS. Please bear with me since English is not my first language 🙂

Animators from Riot’s popular MOBA pull up and review their own work on champions and skins while taking questions from the chat. Tune in to hear about their individual processes, see a little behind the scenes, and get to know a little more about the League of Legends animation team.

Friday’s Headlining Event! Two VR titans Jama Jurabaev (Ready Player One) and Min Guen (God of War) join forces in virtual space for world building tag team using KitBash3D, Big Medium Small and Gravity Sketch. Together in just 50mins they will build an entire world with just their magic VR wands.

Listen to Directors discuss their journey into becoming Directors in TV Animation, followed by a Q&A. Moderated by Arielle Yett (Director, Chicken Squad), panelists include: Aldina Dias (Director, Unannounced Disney Junior Project), Anna O’Brian (Director, Big City Greens), Kaitlyn Ritter (Director, Monsters at Work) and Sam King (Director, The Ghost and Molly McGee). Zoom Passcode: 883117


In this one-hour masterclass, Kyle will cover some of the finer points of digital inking in Photoshop and Fresco, including which brushes to use for specific styles, great techniques to save you time, using textures and special effects in your inking, and more.

Baobab Studios will present their next interactive animation to LightBox Expo attendees focused on the impact and challenges of creating immersive art and lighting a VR animation using a real-time game engine and theatrical techniques. Panelists include Amy Tucker (Lighting Supervisor), Kal Athannassov (Art Director/Production Designer), Glenn Hernandez (Art Director/Production Designer), Nathaniel Dirksen (VFX Supervisor) and Ken Fountain (Animation).


In this panel, Victoria will take a sample script from a film and show you how she interprets the bare bones script into a visual panel layout for a comic. Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: g0e^bwLg

Whether you are creating your own illustrated novel or graphic novel, you won’t want to miss this in-depth discussion about the challenges of writing and illustrating for your own personal project. We will cover everything from artist’s block and the creative process, to working with agents and publishers.

Watch me draw promo art and early chapters of my upcoming webcomic!

You join my Discord, hop in a voice chat with me, we have a laugh, I review 1 drawing or a whole portfolio, you walk away as a professional in the industry. It’s that simple!

Nathan Fowkes is a concept artist for DreamWorks, Disney, Blue Sky studios and many others. In this talk he’ll show you how to approach any image no matter how challenging and find a powerful statement that will strengthen your work and please your clients.

In one hour we will cover both the freedom and oppression that comes with producing modern day concept art at the AAA level. We will briefly discuss methods and practices used during the over 850 images done for the blockbuster PS4 game The Last of Us Part 2 as well as the surprisingly similar methods used creating pitch art and concepts for Dreamworks and Netflix Animation.

Join Blue Sky Studios’ animators for a round table discussion about their experiences working on Spies in Disguise. They will share some of the sequences they were cast on and talk about their processes from kick off through final animation. Hear the great stories of teamwork and insights from five of the animators that helped bring Blue Sky’s latest feature film to life!


This presentation is an invitation to participate in a live watercolor demonstration with master artist Gonzalo Carcamo!


Join Andy Cung online as he shares his experience on how he made the transition from an Electrical Engineer to a Storyboard Artist.

Karla Ortiz is not only known for her visual development work in the film industry but also for her evocative and realistic oil paintings. Join Karla for two days of live oil painting sessions, where she will be creating one new oil painting each day from start to finish! The event will include scheduled Q&A’s in between painting sessions, and a chance for audiences to bid on the paintings created live! This is certainly one not to miss!

Marcelo Vignali, Bobby Pontillas and Samantha Kallis pull the curtain back on the visual development process at Disney Television Animation, revealing the unique collaboration, exploration, and deep thinking that sets DTVA’s shows above the rest! Moderated by: Anna States (Producer). Panelist credits: Samantha Kallis (Art Director, Development), Marcelo Vignali (Art Director, Development), and Bobby Pontillas (Director, Development). Zoom Passcode: 121246


Marcin Rubinkowski will be doing a Digital Mixture Demo over his personal Black and White Project called The Eclipse – Chronicles from Collapsing Universe.

Join Danielle Pioli for a chill Instagram Live where she’ll sketch freely, explore possibilities, make mistakes, and hangout.

Join colorist, comic book illustrator, and character designer, PeZ!, as he walks you through his process on drawing and painting a character, focusing on lighting and form, with tips on using Photoshop tools for textures and color variety.

Join the RATs as we review YOUR demoreels Live! Moderated by Lana B. and Christopher Hsing.

Video game industry veteran Scott Flanders invites you to join him in this graphic art style demo. He’ll walk you through his process of creating art using simple greyscale silhouettes in photoshop and then carving them into a more complex colored piece. Scott’s graphical art is stunning and you’ll get to learn how he uses shape design to carve out characters and environments. Don’t miss it!

Bring your freelance questions & concerns for a short presentation by Nicholas Kole, and a long Q&A session focusing on passing on experience and insight from 8 years of working as a freelance concept artist for companies like Disney, DreamWorks, Blizzard, Hasbro, Riot, EA Games and more!

Get your drawings, perspective, and compositions tight with these techniques from the pros. Director Sergio Paez leads the talk with examples you can use to improve your storytelling. 60 minutes with Q&A

This panel will cover the artists career paths and will give advice on topics ranging from interviews, portfolios, working with others, and how to stay recharged as an artist. Moderated by Alison Mann, VP Creative/Strategy at Sony Pictures Animation. Featuring Christophe Lautrette (The Croods), Tuna Bora (Pearl), Justin Thompson (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), Paul Lasaine (Boxtrolls, What If) and Pierre Olivier Vincent (How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World).

Colin and Kristine will give an overview of how they blend human and animal anatomy in sculpture. Using elements of comparative anatomy and combining choice of pose, body and animal type, they’ll show how to create believable creatures without covering the transition between species with fur, feathers, hair or clothing. Info will be applicable to 2D, 3D, digital and traditional mediums.

Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: 2k9$LnvJ

Sign up for a review here ( which will link to Zoom!


I’ll go over how we think about Tech Art at Riot, what I do game modes, and generally answer questions about Tech Art in games.

Grab your favorite mug, chalice, or stein and sit down with the creator of Santiago of the Seas, Niki Lopez, and Nickelodeon Social Media Director Narbeh Minasians as they sip and spill the tea on the making of Nick Jr.’s brand new, swashbuckling animated pirate’s tale!

Josh will be on Magma Studio drawing with anyone who joins on the ergojosh Discord (click on the Live drawing channel)! There’s a limited amount of people who can join to draw, but anyone can watch since it will be streaming on Twitch!

Mark will storyboard live from a piece of art work that will act as the exposition for the scene. Drawing from the information within the image, Mark will build a scene. He will discuss visual storytelling principles, order of information and explain what choices he’s making and why as he progresses through the scene in about 10-20 panels. Get a sneak peek in to his process. the thinking behind sequential storytelling, camera choices and their effect on consciousness, editing, and some good old fashioned story boarding tricks drawing tips as he creates a sequence live! Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: z1y%m.E0

Hear from 3 DreamWorkers their journeys from Interns to Artists!


Apple’s iPad has evolved into a wonderful tool for artists, but also introduces new physical challenges. Join illustrator JJ Harrison (Adventure Time, Llama Llama) for an introduction to the Sketchboard Pro and discover healthy drawing positions that will save you from years of stress.

Ray Bonilla and Tyler Jacobson will be painting live and talking about the worlds of fine art and illustration. This is a casual conversation about the industry and the journey to becoming an artist; from their time at art school together to their professional careers today.

A look at animation from our talented IP Creative team. Take a peek behind the scenes and see what it takes to bring some of our cinematic teasers from Work-In-Progress to Final.

A deep dive into what makes a great run cycle and my specific approach to the art of making video game characters move.

Come hang out as we show off animations from the most recent Little Legends from Team Fight Tactics while the animators talk about what it’s like to bring them to life & answer questions in chat!

Join Andy Cung online as he does a drawing live stream drawing focusing on capturing a dancer’s gestures and movement. Come hang out and chat! Zoom Passcode: 4Ur44G


Kelvin Nguyen will be doing a figure drawing demo with an emphasis on gesture, form and anatomy as well as a character design based upon the figure drawing reference.


Informal presentation on Story, Story moments and Story exercises.

Sam will be doing draw-over and paint-over critiques for selected artists’ work. Sign up here.

4 lucky pre-selected artists will receive sketching exercises from Danielle Pioli and have a nice 1 hour training session on Magma Studio, and you’re invited to watch. Danielle will be selecting people from my Instagram followers, from a specific post.

Join me as I paint live using my brand new Retro MaxPack. Q&A welcome.

Let’s pop the hood and see what it takes for animators to build a Champion Level Up Animation in Legends of Runeterra! From storyboards, to pre-viz, to final animation, you’ll get to see how we craft these one-of-a-kind, climactic moments.

Please use Wendy’s Calendly for commission slots booking! The stream will be held on Instagram.

Watch concept artist Brynn Metheney paint a creature concept using gouache. This is a live demo and Brynn will be explaining her approach and materials list for making a creature with traditional media. After the stream, the painting will be available for purchase at Brynn’s Booth in Artist Alley. This in an Instagram livestream and will be available on Brynn’s Instagram page afterward.

Come watch Gabby Zapata draw from start to finish and talk about art! Plus, you can ask questions too!

In this twofer, Kristine will demonstrate sculpting a human ear in water-based clay and then pass it on to Colin who will “concept art it,” adapting it into a believable creature concept (or two or three). Info presented will be applicable to 2D, 3D, digital and traditional mediums.

Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: ^M@JV5u%

Send Seo a photo and she will draw it live!

This demo/lecture will share the artistic insights of John Burton. John has bridged the worlds of fine art and the film industry showing in major museums and galleries across the country and working as a Production Designer on a feature animation at Sunrise Productions. Come paint with John as he expands insights he has shared in his Schoolism class ‘Environment and Light.’ Zoom Passcode: 147053


Join the RATs for a final sign off and a dedicated hour of AMA with the Riot Games and LBX community.

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Rise Up founders, Bobby Pontillas, Frank Abney and Trent Correy along with more than 500 volunteer professionals take action in an effort to make a positive change in the animation industry. RISE UP ANIMATION offers free portfolio feedback, industry advice, access to guest speakers, educational resources and much more to all people of color. We’re excited to meet unique talent with diverse backgrounds and support them as they rise up through the animation industry.


A look at how we think when developing Clash Royale.

You never know when the fun project you do in your spare time could lead to your big break. Join RJ Palmer (arvalis) / Concept Illustrator (Detective Pikachu, Ubisoft), Claire Hummel (shoomlah) / Concept Artist (Half-Life: Alyx, Westworld VR) and DJ Welch (darkkenjie) / Art Lead at Twitter (Star Wars LucasFilm, Cartoon Network) for a panel detailing how personal work can build your artistic career. Whether it leads to professional connections, a job, or simply sparks your creativity, even the most personal projects can have value for your portfolio and career. Hosted by the CCO of DeviantArt, Justin Maller (ekud).

Another of our weekly drawing sessions where Allen answers questions from the chat all while live drawing. Come and interact and ask Allen and Vicki anything from business to art questions!

Wacom will be hosting multiple artists to join in on a discussion about black artists in the industry. They’ll also be collaborating on a Wakanda-themed painting while they carry out the discussion!

Hang out with Danielle Pioli after the first day of LightBox Expo Online! Grab a drink, your sketchbook, and join the chat!

Join Miacat Live on Instagram and watch her sketch!

Confused about what to put in your storyboard portfolio? Director and Story Artist Sergio Paez will cover the basics, and give you tips to create a winning submission for the major studios. Join the live critique and submit your current portfolio to get feedback.

BYOB to an online art community event. All skills levels welcome! Hosted by special effects company, Legacy Effects. Legacy has contributed practical special effects to many feature films, television series and commercials bringing the world’s most iconic creatures, characters, and visions to life.


Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

A super-collab with TB Choi, Helen MingJue Chen, Alex Konstad, Kim JungGi, Jorge R. Gutierrez, and Sunmin Inn! Watch them collaborate and create an amazing drawing together, hosted by Wacom! Register here.

A conversation about the different types of concept art in the film industry with the artists from leading VFX powerhouse, Technicolor Pre-Production.

Straight from the shadows lurking beneath your bed, come along for a look into the process in inking and coloring this adorable nightmare. A .PSD setup files will be available for download for those who want to get their hands dirty.

Be sure not to miss this incredible opportunity for an exclusive look into the world of feature animation from the artists who have worked on beautiful films like Big Hero Six, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Tarzan, Zootopia, Klaus, The Emperor’s New Groove, Jungle Book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Hercules. This All-Star cast of Character Designers, Art Directors and Production Designers discuss what it’s like to create a feature film. Zoom Passcode: 653481


Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!