Sunday Sept 13 2020

Drawing demos, Ask Me Anything, plus Tips and Tricks from Viktor’s Schoolism Class.

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Please use Wendy’s Calendly for commission slots booking! The stream will be held on Instagram.

Schoolism presents a collaborative drawing session with Daniel Arriaga, Danielle Pioli, Rafael Sarmento, Masae Seki, Jim Bryson, Jason Seiler, Karla Circe, Tristan Yuvienco, Zi Xu, Marie-Alice Harel, Mohammad Modarres, Genevieve Tsai, Charlotte Belland, and Viktor Kalvachev!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Join JB Monge as he draws with ZBrush!

Drawing demos, Ask Me Anything, plus Tips and Tricks from Viktor’s Schoolism Class.

In this sketch session, join Gaelle Seguillon, Pablo Dominguez and Finnian MacManus as the artists sketch compositions and talk about their experiences in VFX and Film in a relaxed format.

Just like athletes, artists need to workout to keep up their skills. Get ready to tone your artistic skills as you paint along with Wouter Tulp. Based on the newly released Schoolism artist workout session, Wouter will do a live workout session along with three students working with him live. And of course you can paint along with them.

Learn the process of illustrating a picture book with award-winning illustrator Anoosha Syed. From getting the gig to perfecting your spreads, we will go into a deep dive in her picture book, “I am Perfectly Designed.”

This panel will cover the artists’ creative process and where they find inspiration for their art. Moderated by Maggie Malone, Development Executive (Zootopia, Moana, Big Hero 6), featuring Luc Desmarchelier (The Ark and the Aardvark), Helen Chen (Walt Disney Animation), Robert Kondo (Tonko House), Noëlle Triaureau (Smurfs: The Lost Village), Szymon Bernacki (Klaus), Marcin Jakubowski (Klaus), Mathias Lechner (Walt Disney Animation) and Ralph Eggleston (Pixar).

Join Anthony Francisco (Senior Visual Development Artist, Marvel Studios) as he explains and breaks down his thought process in designing the costume for the God of Mischief. He will do a quick Demo to show how to generate ideas. This will later be available for sale on Gumroad.

During this 45 minute live patina demo on a mid-size bronze sculpture, Colin will be transforming “Poeisis” – the new Muse Award from raw to finished bronze. He’ll show how all those cool colors are created using heat and chemicals. Transitions in color, layering and pattern texture will be demonstrated. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase demo piece at special LBX pricing.

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Join Heikala as she works on a piece of artwork with coloured inks, talks about art, her visual journey and answers questions!

In this talk Alexander will be diving deep into his personal inspirations and sharing helpful tips on how you can create your cinematic frames to feel uniquely alive. He will also be demonstrating this through capturing a story driven moment with light, color and composition.

Raw & Rendered motion designer Joey Camacho and KitBash3D Head of Product Darren Butler breakdown the most recent KB3D cinematic for the Kits 4.0 video released last month.

Marvel, ILM, Pixar and best friends with the same first name – “The Pablos” join KitBash3D head of Product Darren Butler to talk about their contributions to the KB3D Cover Art Series.

Concept artists Max Koz and Farid Sandoval talk about the ever evolving film industry and how to identify where your skills and taste will be the most valuable for a successful career in visual development

KitBash3D’s GameDay stage at LightBox Expo is jam packed with three days of industry all-star artists from movies and video games like Avatar, Halo, Star Wars, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part II, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and so much more! Legendary Artists like David Levy, Karla Ortiz, Sparth, Loish, Beeple, Jama Jurabaev and many more will grace the stage over a weekend filled with live world building, tag team demos, career development interviews, giveaways, an interactive chat, and a new contest all brought right to your home in real time! The event will stream Sept 11-13th from 10-2 pm PST daily. Don’t miss it!

Learn about what type of artwork makes up a visual development portfolio, as well as a painting demo to discuss composition, color, lighting, and storytelling.

This presentation is an invitation to participate in a live watercolor demonstration with master artist Gonzalo Carcamo!


I love the atmosphere at conventions and being able to walk up to an artist, say hello, and build a relationship, so I’ll be doing a very interactive livestream for a couple of hours and making some artwork while on it. Stop by and tell me about some of the presentations you’ve seen and the most valuable thing you’ve learned at LBX this year. I’m excited to meet you!

In this event Ahmed will be sketching and designing a D&D-style character where the audience gets to vote for attributes – the character’s themes, functions, and physical appearances. It’ll be fun!

Explore the mysteries of the deep with concept artist and Expedition Art Co-founder, David Levy. David will be giving a digital painting demonstration on how you can use some elements from the ocean for inspiration on your next sci-fi adventure.

Norm will go through his process as he draws from his imagination.

Watch as story artists Michael Daley (The Incredibles 2, The Peanuts Movie, Cars 3), Kris Pearn (The Willoughbys), Seo Kim (Netflix) and Andy Cung (Netflix) work together to do a create storyboards together in this fun multi-artist collaborative activity! Also join on Zoom!

Watch Danielle Pioli use traditional mediums to paint a pre-selected linework. Download the linework on LightBox Expo website so you can follow along and paint your own version, digital or traditional!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Michaela and Irena will chat about their works in the KB3Dcontests. Michaela won the Post Apocalypse contest in the spring and Irena was a finalist in the Utopia contest of last year.

We have been dying to get a glimpse into the magic that has been going on inside Ian Huberts secret lab in Washington State called Future Proof. Just check out his IG for background. In this demo Ian will show us how the hottest new real-time application for movies–virtual production–doesn’t need to be reserved solely for big budget blockbusters. Using Blender and the KB3D Library he has made his own virtual production rig and we get an inside look! Don’t miss this one!

LatinX in Animation will lead a discussion with leaders from various Latinx studios from Latin American countries. This discussion will touch upon the industry in their respective countries, the scope of their projects and work, and the future of the animation for Latin American studios as these studios are at the forefront of the next wave of Latin American animation.

Josh will be roasting (critiquing) various artworks pulled from Instagram with the tag (#ergocritique). Expect to discover fundamental mistakes you may have not seen, as well as some paint-overs!

Story Artists Nick Sung (Pixar) and Sergio Paez (Pixar, Lucasfilm) team up to talk about story structure and how to break down a scene. 60 minutes with Q&A.

We’re often told that having a successful art career means eating, sleeping, breathing, and binging art. Anything less is failure. I’m here to tell you that this well-intentioned advice is not only wrong, but potentially damaging to your health, your career, and your sanity.

A panel of top sculptors from the fields of dimensional Concept Art, Fantasy and Imaginative Realism chitchat on a number of topics including the good, the bad and the ugly in sculpting materials and concept and creature development. Zoom Passcode: 186820


In this Demo I will show you how I build up my character sketches, from the first rough strokes all the way to details and color. It is combination blocking in a more painterly way of drawing, like you would with a pencil. I will give you my favorite Brushes I use for this Demo for free! So you can download them before the demo and follow along. And last, but not least, I will be using the brand NEW 5.1 update from Procreate! It is jam-packed with tons of new tools and features, which I will show you.

Join the Terraform Studios Panel hosted by Spiridon; where artists from ILM, Marvel and Avatar will go over how to create the best portfolio, how to create original designs, industry advice, and talk about creating a concept art studio.

Visit JBMonge’s studio and he will open his drawers and portfolios to show you his traditional works!

Curious as to how to make your LinkedIn profile easier for production recruiters to find? Are production recruiters reading your cover letters? Join members of the Netflix Animation’s recruiting team to hear answers to these questions and many more!

Wacom presents a creature creation collaboration with some of the best creature designers in the industry, hosted by Adrian Clark from Sidebar Forever!

This session focuses on creating 3D forms through lighting and rendering in a digital painting medium. The process walk through and demonstration will show how to paint a creature portrait using lighting sources to create believable 3D forms. Session extra value bonus: Creature creation!

In this session Jon will start with a creature sketch and finish with a unique painting that YOU will have a hand in creating. During the stream just tell him what you want to see him add to the creature. Jon will take suggestions from the chat and decide via poll what he should add to his sketch. By the end we will end up with something unique, fun, and probably crazy!

Bao Boys is an indie third person game in the making. I will be modeling assets/props in the game and each asset for the game’s environment. Each asset I’ll be making will be in Cinema 4d such as the chairs, smaller assets/props and placement of the game’s environment. He’s a work in progress game that I hope to publish by 2022 or the end of 2021. If you’d like to follow the game’s progression in the coming years, here are my social tags: @Bao_Boys_studio.

Do you tech AND art? Technical Art could be the perfect job path for you that you never knew existed! Tech Art is a lesser known field to those studying to enter or just starting out their career path in digital art. A job as a Tech Artist encompasses a broad range of tasks and skill sets within industries from visual effects to games. What unites them is a propensity for problem solving, aiding workflows, and bridging the gap between the art vision and applied science. Come hear Technical Artists at Riot Games share their unique responsibilities across various projects, as well as how their career brought them to where they are today. Q&A to follow!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

The visual development artist at Netflix Animation discusses environment design, pre-production, and keyframe illustrations tips that she’s learned through her time at Netflix and her earlier work in video games.

What does the future of virtual learning hold? Filmmaker and futurist Taryn Southern joins Tomb Raider concept artist and founder of Brainstorm School James Paick to discuss in a collaborative exploration to find the answer.

Iris Compiet explores the Faultlines in search of Faeries, paints them live and answers your questions!

Join Chrystin Garland for a fun and fabulous digital painting live stream on Twitch!

Come hang out with the fine folks at robotpencil for a sketch group! There will be live demos, Q&A, paintovers, and contests/prizes/giveaways! See you there!

Gus, Amanda and Ellie will be creating a spot illustration live collaboratively through Magma Studio!

Mark Tompkins HEAVYPAINT demo, showing how you can use the app for quick color notes and digital plein air painting!

Join Aaron and Manny as they recap a recent Camp and Draw trip to Yellowstone. Learn about some of the parks’ wildlife, get some sketching tips and a listen to a few hilarious stories about a group of artists seeking adventure in Montana.


Here’s another sample from my new tutorial ‘Color in Practice, Part 2’, previewed here at LBX. I’ll show how you can chart a triadic color scheme in gouache to preview its full range of possibilities, and I’ll show a sample painting done with a selected set of colors. Suitable for beginners and advanced painters.

Live stream with acclaimed character designer Chibu Okare (@chibuyum) and multi-disciplinary director Bee Grandinetti (@beezilda) on community, identity, and success.


Join in to watch the creation of an ethereal illustration for Obliskura – a dark fantasy world.

Co-founders of indie game studio Cold Symmetry discuss their new smash success Mortal Shell. Though we won’t fully enter into a shattered and twisted world where the remains of humanity wither and rot like the game does, we will discuss the long path towards its release last month.

The 60 minute demo will offer an edited timelapse of a plein air sketch in a beautiful location, along with slides illustrating principles and thought process.

Rodney will be doing a demo on the techniques he uses to do concept design of characters like he’s done for Marvel Studios. Focusing on mood and design to get to a look that sells the idea of the concept.

Last of Us Part II concept artist Aaron Limonick builds an original world with KB3D, C4D and Octane.

Listeners of the Draftsmen podcast will have a unique chance to interact with Stan Prokopenko and Marshall Vandruff. Ask questions and hear the two discuss a variety of art topics. Sit back, relax and chill for 2 hours with the gang as they enjoy the end of 2020’s Online LightBox Expo.

A discussion and show and tell of tool and tricks to keeping a watercolor journal. Will be showing all my favorite materials and discussing habits to keep your journaling consistent.

Live paintovers and demos designed to turn color theory into useful color practices!

Join Charlotte Belland as she hosts several famous Columbus Zoo and Aquarium animal ambassadors for a wild, on-line sketching session. Relax and practice your drawing skills as you observe a variety of animals.

Armand finishes the live oil painting demo, and the finished will be piece available for purchase.

We’ll have the audience submit their photos for a chance to be turned into a caricature during this multi-artist drawing session hosted by Schoolism!

None of us want to just be an artist for a few years. Learn how Dean Yeagle has had such a long lasting career through 5 decades, his thoughts on life as an artist and how pivoting is essential.

Danielle Pioli’s work is usually whimsical and a little dreamy. In this workshop, Danielle shows her creative and thought processes behind her illustrations. Join Danielle, using her references to create art of your own, infused with your own emotions and feelings and ideas.

Let’s sketch, paint, hang out and sip something tasty! Join Dawn Carlos on her Twitch stream as she sketches, draws and then paints some characters and creatures! Feel free to drop in and watch the demo, hang out in chat or ask questions as we hang out and draw fun things together. We may start with a prompt or just draw and see what happens!

Please join me as I explore early character design concepts for the animation industry. I’ll be diving into my process of adding personality and life to characters. I would love this to be an active conversation for everyone watching! Please, ask me anything! Questions about the Animation industry? Looking for ways to get your foot in the door? Feeling uncertain about your career path? I’m here to help.

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Learn how to paint colorful little moments with Senior Splash Artist Esben Lash Rasmussen!

Aaron Blaise (Brother Bear, Aladdin, The Lion King) is a world renowned digital artist. Watch as he shows you his tips & tricks for digital drawing that looks like a frame of a finished film!

For the last 13 years, the enigmatic, wildly prolific, never-ending-source-of-entertainment Beeple has created an Everyday. Join us for our final chapter of Game Day and as we kick off the latest #kb3dcontest: Neon Nights.

Watch me draw promo art and early chapters of my upcoming webcomic!

Come watch Gabby Zapata draw from start to finish and talk about art! Plus, you can ask questions too!

Join us as we chat with and discuss the art of balancing motherhood and work with concept artists Gina DeDomenico Flanagan (The Boys, Stargirl), Charlene LeScanff (Blizzard Entertainment), Jisoo Kim (Cartoon Network Studios), Griselda Sastrawinata (Walt Disney Animation) and Carolina Tello Zeleski (Oculus). Also available at

You join my Discord, hop in a voice chat with me, we have a laugh, I review 1 drawing or a whole portfolio, you walk away as a professional in the industry. It’s that simple!

In this talk, Colin and Kristine will go over how to translate a 2D concept into a 3D sculpture, including selecting materials/processes to achieve the best results for various 2D designs and desired outcomes. They’ll also take a look at how you can use 3D to help improve your 2D. Info will be applicable to 2D, 3D, digital and traditional mediums.

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For this session, Nathan will be critiquing portfolios with advice to help get the work to a professional level. For a chance to have your portfolio reviewed, DM your portfolio link to Nathan’s Instagram.

This presentation is an invitation to participate in a live watercolor demonstration with master artist Gonzalo Carcamo!

Karla will close out Game Day with stories about her career spanning the Marvel Cinematic Universe on projects like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity Wars and her design of the character Doctor Strange, to her work on Jurassic World, World of Warcraft and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

Please join Bonnie while she paints, and shares info on her supplies and process.

Taking your questions about all things story related.

Anthony will be getting a head start with #Grootober (where he sketches Baby Groot in different costumes for Halloween, his favorite time of the year)! You can help Anthony with some ideas of what Baby Groot should wear during this livestream!

Join Griz as she gives feedback and advice to aspiring (or current) visual development artists.


Sign up for a review here ( which will link to Zoom!


Josh will be on Magma Studio drawing with anyone who joins on the ergojosh Discord (click on the Live drawing channel)! There’s a limited amount of people who can join to draw, but anyone can watch since it will be streaming on Twitch!

Collab with your fellow artists on a beautiful and fun coloring page! Using Magma Studio, every artist will be able to draw at the same time on the same canvas. Remember to draw ONLY LINES. Pick a spot and draw. Download of the final result in JPG will be available shortly after the session.

Join Kristine and Colin Poole LIVE on Zoom as the choose one lucky person to have their portfolio reviewed. Have your portfolios ready as they will be choosing live each day! Zoom Passcode: 496346


Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

I’ll answer any and all of your questions LIVE while together we watch 3 recorded painting demos at twice speed. I’ll describe color mixing, paint application and brushwork. If you’ve wanted to get into oil painting but were nervous or hesitant to try, these demos can dispel those fears.

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The first half of this presentation is geared towards all experience levels, bringing people up to speed on the techniques and technology surrounding animation on an iPad. The second half of the presentation is catered to students and those looking to learn the basics of animation. Come for either or both!

For years we’ve been making animations that showcase the most aspirational view of our mobile games. We want to put a spotlight on a few of the companies and people that have helped make some of our favorite recent spots — Psyop and Goldenwolf Animation. With a few of their directors, we’ll dive into the process of our work, and talk about some memorable pieces; the biggest learnings (and struggles) we’ve had together; and how both Supercell and our great partners have adjusted over the years to keep our quality high and our approach fun for both makers and, more importantly, the millions that view our work.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Sony Pictures Animation’s Wishdragon – covering the improbable journey of its creation. From original concept, to art and design, animation and lighting, and the challenges building an international co-production spanning LA and China.

Join Danielle Pioli on a journey of self-discovery and developing your own unique art style.

Gnomon will be hosting a live drawing session with Cathleen McAllister, Victoria Ying, Renee di Cherri, Shu Chen Li, Alex Konstad, Dominque Ramsey, Melany Altuna, Aleikats, Sunmin Inn, Sophie Diao, Sean Murray, Linda Chen, and Jerad Marantz, while answering questions from the audience!

Join Thomas live on Instagram for portfolio reviews. Have the links to your portfolios ready or tag Thomas with your images as he’ll be choosing which portfolios to review LIVE!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

A non-photographer’s guide to making your brilliance look professional. Painters and Sculptors, we’ve got you covered – no more snapping a quick shot while strolling by at midnight with your masterpiece propped against the kitchen chair. Colin will review a number of photography setup approaches, give an overview of post production in Lightroom/Photoshop and touch on hacks for those bereft of professional photography equipment.

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Karla Ortiz and Iain McCaig have a time-honored tradition, where at the end of events they gather up a few good friends for a late-night chat and a cup of tea in Karla’s room, a last uplifting moment before saying goodbye. This year, Karla and Iain invite YOU to listen in, offer topics and enjoy the conversation, along with guests Greg Manchess and Lauren Panepinto. Just make sure to bring your favorite cup of tea! Co-hosted by LightBox Expo Online and Drawn + Drafted.

Magma Studio is hosting a costume design live stream featuring Phillip Boutte Jr., Armand Baltazar, Imogene Chayes, Claire Hummel, Kyle Brown, Yangtian Li, Charlie Wen & Mike Uwandi. The costume will be based on a character description from Armand Baltazar’s ‘Timeless’! Also join us on Zoom!

Join Danielle Pioli for a chill Instagram Live where she’ll sketch freely, explore possibilities, make mistakes, and hangout.

Join Nate Stanton for an informal Q&A for any and all those interested in his career and career history! Nate started his career on The Nightmare Before Christmas (1992) & James & The Giant Peach (2D animation). Then worked at PIXAR for 22 years on 15 movies (storyboarding). He left in 2018 to do Freelance on various live-action features. He is now Head of Story on Animated Feature for Sunrise Productions based in Cape Town South Africa.

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Hangout with Danielle Pioli on the last day of LightBox Expo! Grab a drink, your sketchbook, and join the chat!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Concept artist Brynn Metheney shares some tips and tricks on creature posing for making an effective and engaging concept. She’ll cover her approach to gesture, volume, weight and action as she draws out different creature concepts.

Lost for centuries among the cosmos, come along for a look into the process in inking and coloring this interstellar explorer. A .PSD setup files will be available for download for those who want to get their hands dirty.

A small video thanking everyone for being a part of the first ever LightBox Expo Online experience!