Saturday Sept 12 2020

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

A creative ‘behind-the-scenes’ conversation with Blacksad’s Juanjo Guarnido in his studio in Paris.

Drawing demos, Ask Me Anything, plus Tips and Tricks from Viktor’s Schoolism Class.

Please use Wendy’s Calendly for commission slots booking! The stream will be held on Instagram.

In an Instagram livestream, watch as Tasia adds colour and rendering to an illustration.

In this lesson Jon will be helping viewers jump into the world of oil paint. Jon will be discussing brushes, paints, medium, canvas, and everything else related to oil painting. He will be completing a composition study throughout the session and explain how he mixes and applies paint. If you’ve ever wanted to oil paint then this session will give you the confidence to jump in!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

In this painting demo, Lynn will briefly talk about how to simplify light sources and plan your lighting. Then she will demonstrate her approach to create three different lighting conditions for the corgi character: daylight, sunset and night. Feel free to download the base .psd file and follow along to create your own lighting scenario.

What makes a good portfolio if there is no client involved? What unique challenges does personal art pose? How important is a consistent style? Djamila takes you through her own portfolio to answer these questions and talk about her approach of creating personal art. Then, she reviews a few pre-selected portfolios and provides feedback and overpaints to illustrate some basic principles. Lastly, she provides a guideline for artists to evaluate their own work.

Lois van Baarle (loish)/Concept Artist (Guerrilla Games, EA), Gabriel Picolo (picolo)/(Disney TVA, Big City Greens), and Kiana Khansmith (kianamai)/Comic Artist (DC Comics, Harper Collins) get together for a panel navigating the challenges of social media for contemporary artists. From asserting your artistic voice, how to gain followers and engagement, and balancing your life with responsibilities to the art community, they cover it all. Hosted by DeviantArt’s Head of Social Media, Matt Buchholtz (ggmattb).

Jesper Ejsing is going to paint a goblin in acrylic, showcasing color temperature, rim light, values and focal point. Basically a step by step acrylic painting, shown on a goblin’s face!

JB Monge draws Goblins, Fairy Folks and Creatures with Character in Photoshop. Also chat on Discord (JBMonge#7566) during the presentation!

An all-day stream with the Character Designer from Spyro Reignited Trilogy and the upcoming Crash Bandicoot 4, walking through his entire design process from start to finish, with special guests, design analysis, and honest discussion about industry norms and challenges.

Anthony will be streaming live on YouTube where he will be reviewing portfolios and answering questions you may have about concept design. If you want to participate in the portfolio review all you have to do is follow him on his Facebook fan page ( and send him a message with your art. Or you can also post your work on Instagram with the hashtag #paintovermyartAF. Don’t forget to tag him and share in your stories so he sees it!

Ever wonder how all those cool colors are created on mini bronze sculptures? Nope, it’s not paint! See the magic that happens when you combine heat, chemicals and bronze in this quick 30 minute start to finish demo on the Poole’s new and popular Ibis skulls. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase demo pieces at special LBE pricing.

Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: j4g#68Q$

Ever wondered how an animated TV show is created? Join Rob Hoegee, Adam Jeffcoat and Jim Bryson develop an animated pitch live. They will talk story, character, world building, business, selling, everything you ever wanted to know about developing a pitch! It will be fun!

Join Danielle Pioli for a chill Instagram Live where she’ll sketch freely, explore possibilities, make mistakes, and hangout.

These VisDev elites will take on the challenge of selecting a random prompt and work together to bring it to life in a painting!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Join our good friends and talented concept artists Emmanuel Shiu and Jan Urschel as they discuss their work on The Matrix 4, Captain Marvel, Star Wars: Rogue One, and their new podcast the ADP (Art Dept Podcast).

The Destiny 2 cinematic director builds a world in real-time using KitBash3D and Unreal Engine 4.

Kim Jung Gi is a South Korean artist known for his large brush pen drawings that come from his imagination. His ability to render extremely complicated scenes from memory, without the aid of references, has garnered him a large international following. He’s been commissioned by major brands including Audi and Blizzard and now you’ll hear him answer your questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a living master. Submit your question here –

This will be an hour-long presentation by Noah Klocek on the trials and process of getting his first picture book, Cloud Country, published. This will be followed by a half-hour Q&A session in chat that will lead into a half-hour + demo of my picture book illustrating process.

Five artists will get a fifteen minute portfolio review with Chrystin Garland, a visual development artist in television animation. Sign up here for your chance!

In this event Ahmed will be sketching and designing a D&D-style character where the audience gets to vote for attributes – the character’s themes, functions, and physical appearances. It’ll be fun!

The sketch is the basis and starting point for so much of the concept art and design process. It can be one of the most fun and also effective tools in your kit. Dawn Carlos (Lucasfilm Animation) will showcase and demo the thoughts and ideas about the ways that sketching has impacted her professional and personal work significantly.

From Blue Sky to Final Concept, the Concept Team will breakdown the process of creating appealing designs that empower player customization and storytelling. Passcode: 321409


Ever wonder how all those cool colors are created on mini bronze sculptures? Nope, it’s not paint! See the magic that happens when you combine heat, chemicals and bronze in this quick 30 minute start to finish demo on some of the Poole’s most popular Talisman Skulls…The Grand Dragons! Participants will have the opportunity to purchase demo pieces at special LBE pricing. Real time Q&A via chat feed. Zoom Passcode: 561344


KitBash3D’s GameDay stage at LightBox Expo is jam packed with three days of industry all-star artists from movies and video games like Avatar, Halo, Star Wars, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part II, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and so much more! Legendary Artists like David Levy, Karla Ortiz, Sparth, Loish, Beeple, Jama Jurabaev and many more will grace the stage over a weekend filled with live world building, tag team demos, career development interviews, giveaways, an interactive chat, and a new contest all brought right to your home in real time! The event will stream Sept 11-13th from 10-2 pm PST daily. Don’t miss it!

Learn about what type of artwork makes up a visual development portfolio, as well as a painting demo to discuss composition, color, lighting, and storytelling.

This presentation is an invitation to participate in a live watercolor demonstration with master artist Gonzalo Carcamo!


Marcos Mateu-Mestre presents his highly anticipated new book, Framed Ink 2! Take a deep dive with him into the art of utilizing aspect ratios for successful visual communication and learn how best to use a frame’s space!

Join Luis Carrasco as he describes his experience working on a variety of film projects including Love Death & Robots, A Quiet Place, Ready Player One and The Revenant. Luis will be sharing his experience with Pre- and Post-Production. He will also be discussing his 2D process and how it translates to 3D pipelines.

Quick overview on Background design.

Animator and Director, Aaron Blaise walks you through his approach to how to animate 4 legged animals. He explains his thought process and animates for you in Real Time!

Norm sits down for a session of gesture drawing (human figure), pointing out crucial tips and techniques to express motion, weight and personality in just a few lines.

Please send your portfolios ahead of time, and David will do a live portfolio review. David will cover the do’s and don’t as well as explain the things that may be expected from an Art Director. To submit your portfolio send your Artstation, portfolio site or webpage to with: 1) Your name and family name, 2) If you are ok having their name mentioned in the video, 3) if you can be present to ask questions the day of the live stream on YouTube.

30-year animation vets and long time animation podcasting twin brothers Tom and Tony Bancroft (Kronk, Mushu, Pumbaa, Simba, Pocahontas, others) host a one on one with AN ANIMATION CELEBRITIES Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy (Co-founders of Don Bluth Animation makers of Land Before Time and Secret of NIMH) that will include behind the scenes talk, hilarity, and inspiring stories that will educate and entertain you. LIVE Q&A will be available at the end. Zoom Passcode: 376064


Director Clay Kaytis (Christmas Chronicles, Angry Birds) will be reviewing your portfolio! These reviews will be focusing on ANIMATION, STORY and VISUAL DEVELOPMENT. Rewatch Now Using Zoom Passcode: *=Eaz4CV

What is the difference between wet and slimy? How do you make an object look distressed and rusty? Learning to communicate textures simply, quickly, and efficiently can level you up in a significant way. In this session, Jon will be giving an overview of his approach to textures and doing plenty of demos.

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

As a Sudanese refugee living in Uganda, Lual Mayen used to walk three hours just so he could charge his laptop computer and play video games. Now, as the founder and CEO of Junub Games, he is partnering with other developers to create projects with a social impact. Video games industry ambassador, public speaker and co-founder of Vlambeer, Rami Ismail first met Lual in 2016 and helped him showcase his game to the world. Join us, Lual and Rami for a lively discussion about how we can all use the power of games and game creation to cultivate a better world around us.

With over 15 years of experience in the games industry, Trudi talks about taking on all different roles to help her get experience and achieve her dream of becoming a concept artist!

Josh goes through his shading process for a typical portrait! Emphasis will be placed on lighting, as a means to reveal the form, and how to be more efficient with brush strokes.

Join this Story Artist Roundtable with Le Tang (Story Artist, Pixar), Vaugn Ross (Director, Warner Bros), Sterling Sheehy (Story Artist, Lucasfilm), Calvin Tsang (Story Artist, Blue Sky Studios) and Don Ta (Story Artist, Blizzard). StoryboardArt host, Sergio Paez, leads the talk on the latest trends and ways to succeed in the film industry. 60 minutes with Q&A.

Join Griselda Sastrawinata (Visdev Artist), April Liu (Visdev Artist), and James Woods (Character Designer) as they discuss Disney Animation’s approach and process to designing characters, costumes, environments, and everything in between! Moderated by Kellie Hoover (Art Department Manager) & Matt Roberts (Archduke of Recruititude).


A discussion on storyboarding your favorite live-action films by the artists who draw them! Panelists include: Benton Jew (Phantom Menace, Logan, Wonder Woman), Amy Umezu (Jurassic World, Skull Island), Ricardo Delgado (Scoob!) and Dave Lowery (Jurassic World, Lion King, The Mandalorian). Moderated by Tim Burgard (Jurassic World, Justice League, Rampage).

Changes, challenges and chances – what you may face as a Marketing Artist when launching a game in China.

Join Andy Cung online, for a storyboard portfolio review stream, Submit your storyboards on the stream for a portfolio review. Zoom Passcode: 8YNrWp – You can also join using GoToMeeting.


Just how important is having your contact information easy for a Netflix Animation art recruiter to find? Wonder if you should only include final images in your portfolio or will those loose sketches catch a recruiter’s eye? Join members of Netflix Animation’s recruiting team to hear answers to these questions and many more!

Send JBMonge one of your character that need some help and get a line over, advice on the lecture of your drawing, gesture and storytelling (one-to-one) on Instagram Live.

We all come up with personal projects. However, most of them end up collecting dust and never get finished. Where to find the motivation, time and the inspiration to finish personal projects? Jama will be sharing his journey and experience with personal projects, hoping each finished personal project will force you to step out of your comfort zone and become a better artist. Gumroad links discussed in presentation: Quick Shape and Apocalypse Bundle.

An hour long talk on how Victoria Ying and Bonnie Lui started their publishing journey. We will talk about the obstacles we encountered and give tips on the industry.

Schoolism presents a collaborative drawing session with Live Action artists Karla Ortiz, Phil Saunders, Sparth, Ryan Lang, Robh Ruppel, Pablo Carpio, Wes Burt, and Kei Acedera!

Participants will help design a dragon/dracon-like beast that can survive in the harsh environment of a low gravity moon that orbits a gas giant planet (like Jupiter or Uranus). Download the materials, then post and hashtag #TerrylLBX2020 on Instagram when you’re done. Terryl will select a few submissions to sketch out while Dr. Habib talks through the process from a scientific perspective! WATCH AGAIN NOW – PASSCODE: 5p0KW7$.

Lindsey Olivares, Production Designer/Character Designer of Sony’s Connected and lover of stylized caricature, will be streaming live caricatures. Please use Lindsey’s Calendly to reserve a slot!

Join illustrator Erika Wiseman for a live demo where she’ll share her process behind adding color to characters! You’ll learn about how to choose a color palette to complement your character design and how to set up a flexible workflow for easily testing color variations!

Stay tuned in Danielle Pioli’s Instagram page the week previous to LBX as she will be posting polls for you to vote and create a beautiful collaborative art. And finally, join her as she shares her full digital process, from start to finish. Watch her explore possibilities as she sketches, cleans up, colors, and finishes the collaborative piece. Ask questions, participate, learn.

Live panel presentation with illustrator and #DrawingWhileBlack creator, Abelle Hayford. Abelle will be joined by Umaimah Damakka, Manny Edeko and Mariama Alizor to discuss the viral hashtag that promotes and advocates for Black artists worldwide.

Blending my love for Cinema 4D and Procreate, I will build a simple exterior space that I will transfer over to create an illustration. I will go over camera settings in Octane, camera perspective, storytelling, and lighting a scene.

Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development Andy Park has been instrumental in shaping the look of the most successful movie franchise empire ever. Hear him discuss his work and take questions from the audience.

Environment artist at Respawn Entertainment Leah Augustine takes us through her process for creating real time environments in Unreal Engine 4. She’ll also share her passions about what motivates her to explore art for video games deeper.

In this painting demo, Sam will show how his thinking about materials informs the story of a character or prop. He’ll also show a few techniques he has learned for rendering materials quickly and believably.

Once you get a new job or a position you never had before in the industry, what will the company or the client expect from you? Pablo & Pablo will talk about their experiences in different art roles that can hopefully help you in the future. There will also be a round of Q&A.

Tips and tricks to better understand and improve values in your paintings.

Come watch Amanda’s art process LIVE on Instagram while she paints a beloved character and chats with you along the way. The more the merrier!

Join Chrystin Garland for a fun and fabulous digital painting live stream on Twitch!

Come watch Ellie Horie render one of her original characters! See her workflow and how she approaches painting a furry and cuddly characters.

Come hang out with the fine folks at robotpencil for a sketch group! There will be live demos, Q&A, paintovers, and contests/prizes/giveaways! See you there!

Follow along and watch as Jason Seiler paints Octavia Spencer using a limited palette.

A live session where Amanda Duarte (Mad Boogie Creations) paints the character and talks about the relevance of color theory, volumes and materials when developing concept art.

Linden Li HEAVYPAINT demo, showing how you can use the app for quick color notes and digital plein air painting!

Join Loish & Iris Compiet in a livestream where they show and discuss some of their older artwork. They’ll share some never before seen, and sometimes embarrassing art showing that we all start off somewhere.

Helen will be live demoing her approach to painting and design, as well as interacting with attendees and answering questions.


Join Co-Founder of Expedition Art, Manny Carrasco, as he talks about how he uses his art to raise awareness and funds for the conservation causes he is involved with. He will also talk about sketching wildlife, demonstrate his process of capturing animal gesture sketches and share some insights from his latest project. You’ll be inspired to grab your sketchbook and head outside!

Jason will be hanging out and doing some live digital painting!

In this free sample from my new Gumroad tutorial, I introduce the triadic palette, a powerful strategy for creating simple, unified, and dramatic color schemes. By selecting just three pigments plus white, you can achieve an expressive range of hues. I’ll share a practice exercise you can do in the studio and an on-location demos to show the palettes in action.

Live stream with Claudia Yi Leon (IG @taxesforartists) covering freelance basics and pandemic tips, followed by a Q&A.

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Watch the creation of a mech design from beginning to end!

Renowned Halo franchise Art Director Sparth will join us on the Game Day stage for what is guaranteed to be an interview you won’t want to miss!

Meet the founders of the museum to talk about this unique museum in the world, bring ideas on art, culture, education, and maybe also exhibit your work…

From Star Wars to Avatar to GameDay, David Levy shares insights from his career as a concept artist and director on before his demonstration of his original cinematic project up next!

Artists who seek to create their own original stories often jump in by creating the visuals in their head then sometimes find themselves overwhelmed when it comes time to solidify and write their stories. This will be a conversation to share some useful tips and insights on how to get started.

A personal and intimate look at Aki’s past living as a third culture kid in Shanghai, being classically trained in fine art, college, and what led her to the animation industry.

In this demo, Ben Mauro will show how to quickly light a scene in multiple different ways to convey different storytelling and moods based on cinematic reference.

In this demo, participants will see how the Pooles work with pre-made and self-created armatures for sculpture, adapting them to accommodate particular needs and restrictions. This information is applicable to sculpting in all 3D mediums including with oil-based clay, Sculpey, Fimo, Monster Clay, Castilene and water-based clay. Zoom Passcode: 365195


Join LatinX in Animation as we invite past interns from various animation studios as we discuss their journey to landing their dream internships. We will also discuss the in’s and out’s of applying to animation internships, and how to make the best of your internship experience to land a job in the industry.

Join the Illumination recruitment team to say BELLO, talk about Illumination, and answer any questions! Zoom Passcode: 025665


Join Maggie Kang (Director, Sony Animation), Donna Lee (Story Artist, Walt Disney Animation Studios), Yingjue Linda Chen (Art Director, Dreamworks TV), Victoria Ying (Writer and Illustrator) and Mingjue Helen Chen (Production Designer, Walt Disney Animation Studios) as they eat the Parasite famed dish Jjapaguri and break down the Academy Award winning film Parasite from a story and design standpoint.

Do you often wonder, ‘How can I be the best at making cartoons?’ If so, we have some Hot Tips for ya! Join Chris P. and others from the Titmouse team as they share secret (and not-so-secret) tips on building professional habits you need to make it in the animation biz!

Gnomon will be hosting a live drawing session with Nneka Myers, Gabby Zapata, Craig Mullins, Jessica Fong, Ryan Lee, Kelly Aleshire, Fernando Peque, Michael Blank, Brie Henderson, Raymundo Mendoza Landa, Nikolai Lockertsen, Ulises Alvarado Llamas, and Sparth, and answering questions from the audience!

Join Nic Parris and learn the ins and outs of Storyboarding!

Painting live stream with Becky Dreistadt, character designer for Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe and Adventure Time Distant Lands. Gouache painting, a relaxed Q&A and chill tunes! Come hang out!

Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) is one of the leading producers of animation in the entertainment industry, producing and developing projects for multiple platforms. Join WBA art directors Aaron Spurgeon (Looney Tunes Cartoons), Bill Perkins (Green Eggs and Ham) and Tara Rueping (Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai) for an inside look and artist-driven discussion covering the exciting work they are currently doing at the studio.

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Saturday’s Main Event! Under the direction of legendary Avatar concept artist David Levy, members of the Unity Technical Team using KB3D and Unity will bring to life before your eyes several shots from a new original script by Levy titled Scout One–the tale of a spacefaring energy inspector whose routine workday on a distant planet takes an unexpected turn.

Focusing on developing skills, technique and philosophy essential in executing animation storyboards with Louie del Carmen, this 90 minute presentation will demonstrate aspects of drawing specifically for storyboarding. Topics will include Line Quality, Working with Designs, Perspective, etc.

Watch me draw promo art and early chapters of my upcoming webcomic!

In this demo, Yangtian will share her process of creating an art nouveau-inspired piece via Procreate and sharing her thoughts behind the design.

Ever wonder what Scooby Doo’s skeleton would look like? Maybe what Jabber Jaw might look like as an actual shark? Join Brynn as she shares some of the character designs she created for the recent animated film, SCOOB! and learn how she brings science and research to designing characters!

Come watch Gabby Zapata draw from start to finish and talk about art! Plus, you can ask questions too!

This is an hour+ demo of Noah Klocek’s process of creating Plein Air storytelling painting with pastel start to finish. The process should be as interactive as possible with questions coming in through chat.

You join my Discord, hop in a voice chat with me, we have a laugh, I review 1 drawing or a whole portfolio, you walk away as a professional in the industry. It’s that simple!

Come and see RiseUpAnimation in ACTION! We’ll be joined by some of our extremely talented volunteer mentors as they engage in LIVE feedback sessions with brave members from our RiseUp community!!!


Join Meybis in a live demo, where she’ll share her approach to create digital portraits, using a flexible and versatile render workflow.

Creating our own Video Game Character Lineup by transforming my fans into Action Heroes! Photos of fans will be submitted through my Discord. By the end of the stream we’ll end up with a lineup of 5 Characters 😊 + Giveaway of NIMA + New Official Merchandise!

Paint along with Nathan as he tackles an exciting landscape scene working digitally from reference. You’ll be given the same reference and are invited to paint right along with Nathan and ask any questions you like as the process unfolds.

General ideas and disciplines for cartoony VFX, pipeline and pros & cons of making VFX with Flash.

The Concept Team will discuss the approach to clothing and hair design in order to empower Player’s creative expression through character creation. Zoom Passcode: 076240


This presentation is an invitation to participate in a live watercolor demonstration with master artist Gonzalo Carcamo!


Live sketching demo with general Q&A!

Karla Ortiz is not only known for her visual development work in the film industry but also for her evocative and realistic oil paintings. Join Karla for two days of live oil painting sessions, where she will be creating one new oil painting each day from start to finish! The event will include scheduled Q&A’s in between painting sessions, and a chance for audiences to bid on the paintings created live! This is certainly one not to miss!

Wait… They paid you how much?! How the heck did you get art approved that your director didn’t like? Your boss shat on your art baby and said WHAT? That’s your artist trick?! Yes… All delicious questions. I know I know… Even though I (Sunmin Inn) may be a Netflix Art Director, after last year’s talk you may think ‘This classless crook is just trying to give us another wooden nickel! Sell us more snake oil!’ That’s why I got classy & credible top industry pros Amanda Jolly, Paul Lasaine, and Toniko Pantoja to answer questions you always wanted to know about feature animation.

Andre will cover his experience working in games, TV, and film along with how he uses photography and 3d to create cinematic shots and keyframes. He will share his tools and thought process as well as how he studies in order to evoke a feeling from a keyframe. In this talk he will take a deeper look into visual storytelling and how it is important to shot design as well as how to push yourself and thought process farther.

Angela Sung HEAVYPAINT demo , showing how you can use the app for quick color notes and digital plein air painting!

Annie award winning artist Brian Kesinger (Big Hero 6, Zootopia) guides us through his process for crafting compelling stories. Whether for animated features, a single illustration, or picture books, Brian has a knack for creating art that instantly connects with audiences.

Join Kristine and Colin Poole LIVE on Zoom as the choose one lucky person to have their portfolio reviewed. Have your portfolios ready as they will be choosing live each day! Zoom Passcode: 143215


Join Kristine and Colin Poole LIVE on Zoom as the choose one lucky person to have their portfolio reviewed. Have your portfolios ready as they will be choosing live each day! Zoom Passcode: 916645


Learn about caricature from an award winning caricature artist! Court Jones has done a lot of published illustration and concept work for film and TV projects, editorial and product illustration for clients such as Atlantic Records, Upper Deck, Rolling Stone Magazine, Wired Magazine, The Washington Post, The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Uptown News and Blizzard Entertainment, among others. Watch and learn his process in this demo!

Shu Chen is doing a postcard-sized painting as a gift to everyone that purchased from her shop during LightBox Online. Feel free to come and watch!

An open discussion on mental health, burn out, art block, and tips and tricks to help you establish a better emotional relationship and confidence with you art.

Join a group of Art Directors including Patrick O’Keefe (Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse), Nick Hiatt (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), John Bell (Jurassic Park) and Dave Bleich (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) as they discuss their path to, experience in, and life after Art Directing.

Demystifying the role of character concept art in AAA games. We’ll talk about what the job actually entails with examples of the type of work day to day during the whole production.

Ever wonder what it’s like to develop your craft under the mentorship of a Disney Artist? Wonder no longer! Join Camille Andre (Visdev Artist) and Gabby Capili (Story Apprentice) as they discuss their paths to Disney Animation and their experiences cultivating their craft in the studio’s Talent Development Apprentice Program. Moderated by Tyler McKim (Talent Development Representative).


Get the low down on the latest tech stack you need to succeed. We talk about setup, software, animatics, remote work and everything else you need to win as a story artist.

Join Bonnie Lui and Chrystin Garland as they talk about their experiences in television animation and what to expect from the background paint position.

Josh will be on Magma Studio drawing with anyone who joins on the ergojosh Discord (click on the Live drawing channel)! There’s a limited amount of people who can join to draw, but anyone can watch since it will be streaming on Twitch!

Award winning animator Ryan Simmons (The Iron Giant) teaches how to create 2D animation digitally that is full of life and how to avoid the traps that digital animators often fall into.

Armand continues with live oil painting demo, and the finished piece will be available for purchase.

Learn about industrial design fundamentals. This demo will walk you through core concepts and teach you how to make a unique and aesthetically pleasing gun prop design from imagination.

This is an hour+ demo of Noah Klocek’s process of creating Plein Air storytelling painting with pastel start to finish. The process should be as interactive as possible with questions coming in through chat.

In this presentation, Sam will talk about graphic composition and how it can be used as a powerful tool to drive decisions while painting. He’ll show a couple of techniques in Photoshop for assessing compositional problems and for quickly correcting them.

This presentation is for beginners and students that want to learn the secret drawing exercises that I taught my wife which helped her level up her art in a short amount of time. We will talk about using abstractions, rhythms and gestures, and how to use tracing to study these techniques as well as best practices to study proper value structure.

Kristine will demonstrate sculpting a human eye in water-based clay and then pass it on to Colin who will “concept art it,” adapting it into a believable creature concept. Info presented will be applicable to 2D, 3D, digital and traditional mediums. Real time Q&A via chat feed. Zoom Passcode: 697899


Join Udon Entertainment’s Robaato and Chamba as they collaborate together to create Capcom’s Street Fighter art with Copic markers. Watch and learn how to get the best out of your Copic markers from the pro’s themselves!

Gnomon will be hosting a live drawing session with Limei Zhao, Mia Araujo, Wendy Tan, Laurel D. Austin, Craig Mullins, Natalie Hall, Heejung Lim, Ben Mauro, John Burton, Carcamo, and Alkemy Studio, and answering questions from the audience!

Join Danielle for a nice 1 hour drawing session on Magma Studio.

Join Andy Cung as he hosts a roundtable discussion and interview with artists Danny Araya (Powerhouse Animation), Allison Smith (Nickelodeon), Cassey Kuo (Titmouse), Latoya Raveneau (Disney TVA), and Rad Sechrist (Dreamworks).

They’re the team of concept artists currently envisioning the future of the MCU! Join VisDev artists Ryan Meinerding, Andy Park, Jackson Sze, Rodney Fuentebella, Anthony Francisco, Ian Joyner, and Jana Schirmer; along with Karla Ortiz, Phil Saunders, Jerad Marantz, Imogene Chayes, Constantine Sekeris, Alexander Mandradjiev, Keith Christensen, John Staub, Phil Boutte, Musk Rizvi , Tully Summers, Mike Uwandi, Saskia Gutekunst, and Henrik Tamm as they discuss their experiences as Visual Development artists.

Join me as I paint live using my brand new Retro MaxPack. Q&A welcome.

A discussion about how the Atlanta and Los Angeles Bento Box teams are successfully navigating the work at home experience, while the studio is continuing to staff up and create great shows during this animation boom. With multiple shows in production (Bob’s Burgers, Duncanville, Central Park, Paradise PD, Hoops, The Great North, Housebroken, and more), Bento’s Atlanta team represented by Craig Hartin (Executive in Charge of Production), Jason Shwartz and Aaron Hawkins (Directors), along with the Los Angeles team members Ashley Long (Supervising Director), Simon Chong (Director) and Brooke Keesling (Head of Animation Talent Development), moderated by Joel Kuwahara (Co-Founder and President of Production) will provide some insight into the current industry and the best ways to get your foot in the door.

Join Luis in this demo, where he will show you the process of designing and painting appealing dragon characters from start to finish.

A conversation with Production Designer, Alfonso Blaas, about the design and production pipeline for Wizards, along with Art Director, Linda Chen, and Director, Francisco Ruiz Velasco.

Whether you’re an professional illustrator or are just now pursuing art, everyone has good ideas! During my presentation, I’ll use my upcoming debut book ‘Picture Book by Dog’ (published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers) as a case study to explain how you can take your good ideas and get them published.

Send Seo a photo and she will draw it live!

What goes in your sketch bag before heading out on an adventure? Join Expedition Art members Manny and Peter as they discuss prepping for a great day of sketching and painting wildlife. Whether it’s a day at the park or a week on safari they have some great tips and tricks you can take with you on your next trip.


A frank look at me drawing compositions and story moments live, from ugly start to hopeful okay finish!

Women in Animation brings together a panel of animation and VFX recruiters and talent development professionals to share their insights about how to navigate your animation career. They will help you define your own story as an artist to find a unique spot to fit in the industry. They will discuss how to stay one step ahead with your job search; from planning to landing a job. They will go over some important tips and tricks of shaping your animation career with resources and support. Women in Animation is here to help make your animation career come true. Zoom Passcode: lightbox


Join Andy Cung as he hosts a roundtable discussion and interview with artists: Maggie Kang (Sony Pictures Animation), Rob Porter (Paramount), Clio Chiang (Walt Disney Animation Studios), Donna Lee (Walt Disney Animation Studios), David VanTuyle (Walt Disney Animation Studios), and Tim Heitz (Dreamworks Animation).

On Saturday, September 12th 2020 in Hollywood, California, the Concept Art Association will be live streaming from Gnomon School of VFX and Animation, a night of celebration for the second annual Concept Art Awards Presented by LightBox Expo. Nominees from eighteen categories will be honored by their peers and curated judges, along with a celebration of lifetime achievements to the pioneers of the field.

How can this be? Are these people crazy? You can’t throw a giant party during a pandemic! Don’t worry, this one will be a VIRTUAL Smash Party. That’s right! Join Titmouse in Second Life as you destroy items in a virtual cage, virtually chat with other artists, and wait in line at the virtual port-a-potty. Please fill out the Virtual Smash Party RSVP form to attend. There is also a FAQ to peruse!

Taking your questions about all things story related. 60 minutes with Q&A.

Ever wonder how to make yourself and your awesome digital imagery stand out from the crowd to CG Recruiters? How about the best way to connect with the Netflix CG/VFX Recruiting team? Join members of Netflix Animation’s recruiting teams to hear answers to these questions and many more!

Casual Paint: One-hour digital illustration livestream.

Please use Wendy’s Calendly for commission slots booking! The stream will be held on Instagram.

In this panel, Max Koz and Farid Sandoval will go through pre-selected aspiring artists’ portfolios while answering frequently asked questions and talking about key elements needed to enter the VisDev industry in film.

In this talk, the Pooles will share how they work together successfully and joyfully as a creative team and use their combined imaginative input to further the storytelling capacity of their sculptures. Participants will also get a visual tour through the process of creating the Pooles’ newest humanimals and will have the opportunity to purchase work at special LBE pricing. Info will be applicable to 2D, 3D, digital and traditional mediums.

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Unwind with your favorite drink and hang out as we travel the world via Google Street View! We’ll pick scenic locations together and draw/paint during a chill and interactive livestream.

Armand will show how useful VR in the visual development process of environment in games and animation. VR helps in designing, visualizing, and ‘experiencing’ the space as well as the overall design and look of the location.

Reporting directly from the battlefront in Sector 7, come along for a look into the process in inking and coloring this hardened mech. A .PSD setup files will be available for download for those who want to get their hands dirty.

Going through my process of making artwork and the impact of learning principles of art like drawing and traditional sculpture on it.

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

Join some VIP artists for more Drawing Jams all available on Discord! The artists will be chatting and drawing together on Magma Studio!

More drawing compositions and story moments live, from ugly start to hopeful okay finish!